GeoTree is a self-hosted, accessible WordPress website. The site includes navigation, three fully developed pages, images, external links, and SEO-optimized word count for each page. GeoTree is an all-in-one streaming and entertainment service for outdoor lovers. A mood board, style tile, and logo were developed to create a visual brand. Two personas were created based on research and fulfillment of user needs. A sitemap and wireframe were designed in Adobe XD to ensure proper organization and flow.

The logo draws inspiration from the inner rings of a tree trunk, which represents the vast content of outdoor topics offered by GeoTree. The font Charcuterie Flared gives the logo a rough yet clean look. The overall style of the website is tranquil, natural, immersive, and outdoorsy. The dark navy blue and a greenish-tan color palette relate to the outdoors. The images are professional, adventurous, and motivating to users.

GeoTree enterainment service logo
iPad, iMac, iPad, iPhone device mockup of home page